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Re were way too many scenes of Decker sitting and bemoaning his inability to solve the mystery Occasionally Baldacci would toss in a bit of gunfire or a mild action seuence but then he again would have Decker sitting and complaining about how he ust couldn t figure things outI hate to say it but it is as almost as if there wasn t enough for a novel here and Baldacci felt as if he had to pad it to meet some contractual obligationI will not give up on the author or future offerings in the Decker series but I sure hope he comes up with a stronger story next time The characters are great The basic plot was good BUT it was if the A team set up the outlines for this book developed the great characters in the earlier books and then asked a B team to write it Fine at first but over and over again with the we hit a brick wall let s go over what we know decker goes thru the scene in slow mo aha one tiny piece of the puzzle Random attempt to kill main characters and then we hit a brick wall decker goes thru the scene in slow mo aha one tiny piece Really boring after the third or so roundCome on guys Write your own stuff Stop handing off to the B team What can I say different from what 1000 other reviewers have said probably better about David Baldacci s latest book Well how s this I ve read several of his books and each one has had the same effect on me ie each was like eating a chocolate ice cream sundae that I ust wanted to keep on eating and eating and eating never stopI have to literally tear myself away from a Baldacci book There is no convenient place to stop AmenThe Fix was a tantalizing read from page one to page last No filler in between Amos Decker is to David Baldacci as Harry Bosch is to Michael Connelly The rising action the falling action the anti climax and resolution are all top flight I ve already pre ordered his next book End Game Will Robie Series Just need to hold on until November to get itlong wait David Baldacci s third crime novel in the Amos Decker series doesn t disappoint The FBI crime fighting uartet of Decker Jamieson Brown and Mars take us through an intriguing story of murder spying and sabotage Why would a well respected professional man murder an apparently innocent woman he has never met It is only when the crime fighters peel away the layers of subterfuge protecting these two that the reason becomes clear and danger to the FBI is revealed I was so caught up in the story I thought I was one of the crime fighters mysel. ISBN carefully before orderin.

I ve thoroughly enjoyed the Amos Decker series so I was excited to see this one come out It wasn t as good a read as the earlier installments but it was still worth reading My biggest complaint is that there were too many trite miracle escapes from impossible situations including one both the situation and the escape that was so improbable that it truly stretches the boundaries of the known universe This series of novels doesn t need that type of cheap storytelling the appeal of this series is how Amos uses his amazing memory to solve mysteries not how many impossible situations he blunders into and then miraculously escapes In fact this series could completely do without the dangerous situationescape dynamic and be better off in the end The author should leave that type of hackneyed writing to dime novels and comic books However all in all it was still a good read and worth the price and I m looking forward to the next installment albeit with hope that it sticks to the original premise rather than trying to mix in cheap suspense Personally I don t really care much about the author s writing style but the Amos Decker character is intriguing So I read the first two books in the series and they are decent entertainment However this 3rd one feels almost amateurish from writing to story to character development o Excellent read haven t uite finished it yet but am loving it I m never disappointed in a David Baldacci book and have read all of themI think the Decker character is extremely good and fascinating to see how his condition affects him and helps their caseGet this book you won t be disappointed Thoroughly enjoying this book Amos Decker is a great character Bought this at the same time as the first one in the series and was a bit bored with it felt it went on too much about the background of Amos condition However because I had already bought it started to read The Fix Was not disappointed as it is a really gripping book The second in the series The Memory Man was also a great book The characters in this book and previous books are well thought out and still engaging This book was too long and repetitive I understand that you want to be frustrated along with the central characters in that they can t figure out the motive of the crime but the going through the details over and over was too much for me Also Decker was less interesting this time It took me uite awhile to finish this book The Fix is another captivating Amos Decker novel It BRAND NEW Exactly same ISBN

Free read The Fix (Amos Decker series) AUTHOR David Baldacci –

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Ot only leads the reader into intriguing plot twists but gives depth to the Amos Decker character As Amos struggles with his past and the uncertainty of his future all he can say is hold it together Decker Through tender exchanges with a sick boy he finds a momentary respite from his own sadnessHowever character development beyond Decker is weak and simplistic It s like Baldacci is trying to see how far he can stretch believability The uncanny relationship between Agent Harper Brown and Melvin Mars with his newly acuired wealth making an appearance from The Last Mile is unnecessary and a little insulting Jamison transforms from a reporter to FBI agent and has the time to manage Melvin Mars apartment building Jamison s bitterness towards Brown is wiped away in an instant ReallyJust build the narrative around Decker That s where the trilogy started and he s the reason to keep reading If secondary characters are going to move from novel to novel they need thought uality time with the author I bought this as a Birthday present for myself Christmas Eve and finally got round to reading itBoy am I good at buying presents or what This is easily the best present I have received and I am notoriously difficult to pleaseI am a long term reader of Mr Baldacci and have read most of his books I read between 50 and 100 books per year mix of paper and Digital The excitement and tension was excellent and the plot really good as I barely guessed anything well I did guess one of the main players but the rest of it was masterfulThe characters are all well drawn and Amos Decker is an excellent deviceSadly not many authors can keep this kind of uality going and many have fallen by my wayside at this rate Mr Baldacci will never be one of them Another Amos Decker book that has uality all the way through it The way the story comes together from the very first page makes you want to read This was a great book An exciting book that starts to show a human side to the lead character There are lots of twists and turns as the plot unfold Just when you think you have it worked out along comes a new wrinkle Strong characters nearly always result in good books Fast exciting and intriguing I have read several books by Baldacci including two of the Decker series and find him an entertaining and engaging author most of the time That s why this particular effort was so disappointingThe character of Amos Decker is a good one but the Fix was extremely slow moving and repetitious The. S listed Please double check.

David Baldacci has been writing since childhood when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories Much later when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career she revealed that shed given him the notebook to keep him uiet uot;because every mom needs a break now and thenuot; David published his first novel ABSOLUTE POWER in 1996 A feature film followed with Clint Eastwood as its director and star In total David has published 41 novels for adults; all have been national and international bestsellers and several have been adapted for film and television His novels have been translated into over 45 languages and sold in than 80 countries with 150 million copies sold worldwide David has also published seven novels for younger readers David received his Bachelors degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law after which he practiced law in Washington DC David is also the cofounder along with his wife of the Wish You Well Foundation a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across the United States David and his family live in Virginia

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